My first ever blog…

Having created a large country garden over the last 15 years in Mid Canterbury an opportunity came about in October last year to buy 7 acres in Ashburton, with the idea of developing a cut flower farm to run alongside the raspberries and Christmas lilies already there and so this is where Terrace Croft was born.

I lost my beloved husband Ben to cancer a little over 2 years ago. I was needing a reason to get out of bed in the morning and when I drove into Carters Terrace on that fateful day in December 2018 who would have thought I would now own that wee piece of paradise. I’m not quite sure where this project will go but it’s certainly keeping me busy and I am loving the challenge of revamping and creating my cut-flower farm although I have to say the body is taking a fair hiding!

The farm already grew an old fashioned variety of single-fruiting raspberries and the Regale Christmas lilies. With lots of help from my Father we have wired up the raspberry patch with close to a kilometre of wire, in aid of hopefully keeping them upright and within their confines. This should make easier picking and mowing. I’ve also dug up and moved the Christmas lilies with the intention of covering them in a cloche-type system. Hopefully this will protect them from rogue hail storms that come through in late spring and early summer.

I have planted a one acre field of peonies mostly Sarah Bernhart, Karl Rosenfield, Shirley Temple and Coral Sunset and a few other varieties of pinks and whites. Peonies are my absolute favourite. I have dreamt about this for years and I can’t quite believe it has actually happend. I have planted the peonies into grass lined rows. Sadly I don’t think there will be any blooms for sale this year but I’m hoping by 2020 it will be a picture.

It is now nearly a year since I took over Terrace Gardens now rebranded Terrace Croft. I have loved every single moment even with its challenges of heavy soil and persistent weeds to name a few. I’m very much flying by the seat of my pants and who knows what will be install tomorrow but I love that…I think thats what keeps me going. Every day is different. Its good for the soul. Its good for my soul anyway…

Until next time happy Gardening and long may this lovely spring weather continue.